The aim of our service is simply high quality at a market price

Bumper Repairs
Many new vehicles have radar sensors behind the bumper cover for blind-spot monitoring. Parking sensors, cameras, and electronics abound. Caution is in order regarding repairability versus replacement. Disassembly is performed down to the bumper cover alone, repair work if appropriate, color matching, refinishing, baking, reassembly, electronics checks and resets, cleaning and then test driving. There really is a difference in high-quality tradecraft work. Our process is much more thorough than many other shops. It is also done in house.

Auto Body Repairs and Painting
We repair dents, scrapes, scratches, broken mirrors, and fender benders. Our professionally trained paint technicians then apply our German auto paint system and bake it in our downdraft paint booth. Paintwork is color sanded and polished, and the trim is reinstalled. Your vehicle is cleaned thoroughly and ends up looking sharp again.

Accident Damage Repairs
We perform structural and mechanical repairs concentrating on subsequent crashworthiness regarding airbag and seat belt deployment timing and excellent driveability. The stuff you can’t see is often the most important, but we see it. Comprehensive service restoration of functions after a collision is provided. State of the art Celette repair benches from France is used which are called for by Mercedes Benz for structural repairs. The vehicle is test-driven before you get the vehicle back – often overlooked but critically important.  No surprises. Your vehicle is then neatly cleaned for delivery.

Custom Color Changes 
We’ve done some pretty cool projects for those who simply have to have it.

Paintless Dent Repair (PDR)
Dents and Dings? We encourage saving factory paint as much as possible. It simply cannot be reproduced. PDR is an excellent choice to save money and factory paint.

You get your car back and are good to go.

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