October 15th, 2019

Know Your Industry. Know Your Backyard.

At The Beverly Exchange, we stay up to date not only on all things Mercedes-Benz but also Beverly Hills. Recently, we watched an Instagram Story shared by our friends at the Beverly Hills Police Department or @bhpd_90210 on IG. It was about a recovery of stolen G-Wagon parts in Southern California which included the arrest of two suspects. That led to the question, what’s really going on with all these stolen G-Wagon parts?

Why are these parts being stolen from the vehicle so easily?

Let us start with a quick moment to think back. Think back to that day you started to work on your first German vehicle, especially a modern one. As you reached into that Harbor Freight kit to look for the right tool, you realize that these specialty tools aren’t in your inventory. “Why would they make it so difficult to work on your own car”, you say. But did we ever think of the added security these specialty tools and parts provide us? Even if an inadvertent benefit provided by the manufacturer, it should still be appreciated. Even new toys today sometimes require a tool or two to cleanly and safely remove them from their packaging.

As an Elite-Certified Mercedes-Benz USA Collision Center, we have seen our fair share of G-Wagons in for repairs due to an unfortunate accident. During the repair of these vehicles over the years, although much of it is complex German engineering, we have also realized how simple the physical installation of certain parts are for some reason. Unfortunately, so have thieves. So why the target? Modern-day technology has advanced some vehicle parts to house technologies at the glowing price of around $12-$15k for a pair of headlights installed on the newest G Wagon. And there you go.

So What Do I Do?

Unfortunately, the best answers are the same best practices to reduce damage or theft to ANY vehicle. Things such as parking in well-lit areas, using a garage if available, and covering your car make the most sense. Installing dash cams are another new option as this can deter thieves if they discover they are being recorded. We even came across an aftermarket manufacturer that claims their G-Wagon grill greatly reduces the chances that any thief would want to invest the time to attempt on your car, per the complexity of their product installed. Not a bad option.

The Beverly Exchange wrap up

The world is filled with lots of great people, but it is also filled with not so great people. If you, unfortunately, have to anguish through replacing parts for your G-Wagon, please be sure to only purchase or replace with genuine parts, as many of the secondary market items could be stolen parts. Stay strong G-Wagon owners. Keep those luxurious beasts garaged and secured, and know that you are still behind the wheel of the timeless beauty that is the iconic G-Wagon.

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